At Rastcom, we harness the power of generative AI, including the cutting-edge OpenAI, to revolutionize software. Our expertise in AI empowers your business to achieve unparalleled growth and efficiency.

In the realms of fintech and medical software, Rastcom leverages generative AI to create groundbreaking solutions. From developing predictive financial models to improving patient care with AI-driven diagnostics, our advanced AI technologies provide the tools needed to excel. By incorporating these innovative AI capabilities, we offer tailored, intelligent solutions that enhance efficiency and drive significant growth for your business.

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Every so often there is a chance to make a difference. To undertake a project, which against all odds, makes a technology of the future an achievement of today.

We can deliver fully integrated solutions (included but not limited) like Medical Software, Artificial intelligence, we develop Blockchain and Smart Contracts, NFT, Cryptocurrency and more…


(MVP) is probably not best suited to those looking to produce something quickly and sell on for a profit. A minimum viable product works better for entrepreneurs thinking long term, to build, measure and learn, working smarter, not necessarily harder.

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Medical Software

HIPAA and PIPEDA Compliant Medical Software Development. Bring the power of AI and Blockchain to healthcare. Rastcom Canada covers all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from initial requirements and kick off meetings to final implementation and support.

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BlockChain & Crypto-Currency

Blockchain is our passion. Just contact us to discuass your idea of the future. Smart Contract, Solidity, NFT, Token, Decentralized Payment. Requirements gathering, Application design, Solution development, Implementation, Cryptocurrency & ICO.

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  • Agile approach

    Deep tech expertise

  • Scalability

    Personal commitment

  • HIPPA Compliant

    PIPEDA Compliant

  • Design


  • Maintenance


We develop perfectly tailored to your business needs software for variety of platforms. Our team is constantly researching new technologies that are poised to change the world. We love new ideas & We love working alongside creative minds. Start-ups are our passion.

We know better than anyone else the importance of ‘collaborative development’. We work alongside you to determine the best solution for your budget. You are involved in the development process every step of the way to ensure your requirements and objectives are met and your software has the best chance of success. We are there to support you and provide legendary customer service .

Mobile app development

We utilize React Native, favored by tech giants like Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. However, if necessary, we also have expertise in Swift and Objective-C for iOS development, as well as Java and Kotlin for Android.

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Ai Services

We are specialists in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) we form long-standing business relationships, guiding our clients through their AI journey from Strategy & Innovation to Deployment. We are dedicated to growing our client’s AI capability.

Located in the vibrant heart of downtown Montreal, Rastcom Canada is a technology company offering wide range of technology solutions to businesses and Professionals.


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