Protected health information” (PHI)

Rastcom Canada covers all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from initial requirements and kick off meetings to final implementation and support we cover:

  • Requirements gathering

    Producing either traditional specifications or agile user stories.

  • Application design

    Our entire team are responsible for the design of all our web applications, external system integration or embedded systems.

    Solution development

    We use a variety of technologies to deliver the optimum user experience. Our development team have a breadth of knowledge across many technologies.

  • Implementation

    Our solutions have been installed locally on client networks or more recently hosted in our dedicated datacentre using the latest virtualisation technology.

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We develop and implement HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medical Record software solutions for on-premises and web-based healthcare networks. We Integrate EHR Systems to ensure interoperability across your systems. Transmit medical data between devices and technologies with ease, using our custom solutions. Our HIPAA trained experts can help you overcome burdensome requirements.

Transform clinic operations and elevate patient care using cutting-edge generative AI and blockchain technology. Streamline processes like electronic prescriptions and provider communication while ensuring data security and privacy. Our solutions, including a customizable patient portal and tailored electronic health records, optimize workflow and safeguard patient information. With mobile accessibility and specialized applications, we deliver efficient, secure, and personalized healthcare experiences.